easy way for me to earn extra holiday cash from home: find an easy way for me to earn extra holiday cash from home  
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Make Money Selling From Catalogs Deluxe Kit

Price: $69.95  
Model: Make Money Catalogs Deluxe
Weight: 0.00

easy way for me to earn extra holiday cash from home: find an easy way for me to earn extra holiday cash from home

Make Money Selling From Catalogs - Deluxe Kit

This is a perfect way to earn extra cash for your holiday shopping! 
We send you ten copies of a beautiful, full color, glossy, magazine-style
catalog that features 32 pages of reasonably priced gifts that are ideal for
the holidays. There are home décor items, candles, toys, accessories, some
fashion jewelry, bed & bath items, gift items, and the list goes on!
With this Deluxe Kit, you ALSO receive TWO huge copies of our enormous
World of Products Catalogs, which feature 265 pages of awesome items 
that range in price from 10 or 20 bucks to many hundred of dollars.
You can keep loaning one catalog out, and keep the other one with you at all 
times to keep showing it to people in person. These catalogs will help you
to make many more sales since there's a huge variety of merchandise.

You show the Christmas catalogs or loan them to people you know, for a day or
two, and encourage them to place an order with you. Collect the amount
shown for each item, and even add on some extra for tax and shipping
if you wish. (The more you collect the better!) Many items are between $20 and $50.
We recommend loaning a catalog to someone for a day or two, 
then retrieve it so that you can loan it to someone else. Don't just give
the catalogs away haphazardly.
Always hold onto one of the World of Products catalogs so you can show it!

After you have a list of at least 8 to 10 items that you need, or more, you send
us an email to let us know what you need. We will send you a PayPal
money request for an amount that will leave you a profit of at least 20%
and sometimes maybe a bit more. You PayPal the requested amount,
we UPS the products to your door, and you deliver them to your customers.
You can sell for a few days or weeks, and place one order, or you might do
it for a longer period and place several orders. You can do it for as long as
you want, and you're under no obligation, and can stop at any time.
This is NOT MLM or Network Marketing, it's more like selling Avon.

Nothing could be more easy or more fun, and it's profitable! Have you
ever seen when someone has a couple of Avon catalogs, perhaps at work,
and everyone goes nuts and wants to see them? People LOVE to order
items from catalogs, and now YOU can earn some extra cash!

Order this kit that contains 10 Christmas Collection Catalogs, PLUS the 
two additional World of Products 265 page catalogs and you can get
started selling as soon as they arrive! Here's the best part... your earnings
are in CASH and no one has to know about it, if you don't want them to know!
If you have any questions, please email Jennifer@PriceDoesNotMatter.com

Make Money Selling From Catalogs Deluxe Kit

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Make Money Selling From Catalogs Deluxe Kit
Making Money With Catalogs of Gift Items! My wife has been doing this more...
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Wednesday 17 October, 2018
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