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Twenty Ideas To Make Money Online!
Twenty One Ideas To Make Money - Not Online
Twenty Two More Ideas To Make Money

Twenty Two More Ideas To Make Money

Here are Twenty Two More Great Ideas to Make Money!

These days, it is easier than ever before to earn extra cash from home, or even to develop a huge, full-time income from home. Gone are the days when people absolutely had to go to an office or a place of employment to earn a living! There are over 16 million adult Americans who are self-employed and many of us are making money from home with our own, home-based, one-person enterprise. If we can do it, so can you. You just have to make up your mind to do something, and start doing it right away. Stop procrastinating, stop being a cry baby, and take control of your life. Believe in yourself, and believe that you can do it, because you really can do it! As my colleague and friend Father Time always says; "You can do anything that you make up your mind to do!" If anyone you know says that you can't do it, shame on them for trying to interject negative thinking into your life, and shame on you if you listen to them!

Answering Service
This is a bit more involved than a wake up service, because businesses will want to be able to forward their calls to you whenever they want and they will expect their calls to be answered 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Maybe you can get a bunch of small business clients who will understand that you are a one-person operation. There are people with a trade or skill that work from home, and they might be able to hire you as an answering service, knowing that you are a small operation. In time, though, you can grow this into a larger business and get some other people working with you.

Home Typist
Do you have a typewriter or computer with a decent printer? Are you a pretty good typist and speller? You can make up some fliers and post them around town and offer to type for people. Whether college students pay you to type reports that they can’t hand in on paper in their own handwriting, or even people who need a resume typed up, to the person who needs you to type a letter that he or she needs to send to a big company, or wherever, you can earn money as a typist for others.

Locksmith Service
A very old and respected profession, and of course you will need to learn the skills associated with this business, but being a locksmith can be extremely profitable. You may need a license or permit in your town for this, but they are not very much money to obtain. Then you get a separate phone number for the business, maybe a cell phone, and do a little advertising, and boom…you are in business!

Résumé Service
Not just as a typist, re-typing someone’s old résumé, but you can actually learn, quite easily, how to make good résumés, then when people need a résumé, they can hire you to do it for them from the comfort of your own home. If you have a great printer with your computer, that would be an ideal situation. You can even offer a service where you will take the copies, after they approve of them, to a place where you can get a hundred copies made for them, and you can even tack on a few dollars for that service.

Street Artist
Wherever you live, there must be a place where you can go and draw caricatures, take photos, write their name in calligraphy, make their silhouette, or something artsy, and get paid for it. People enjoy these sorts of “spur of the moment” things when they are out and about. Of course, you need to have some artistic talent to begin with. 

Street Vendor
This is where you set up a little booth or a table on a street corner or where there is an outdoor gathering of people, and you can sell some sort of merchandise that people will buy on impulse. You will likely need a license or permit to do this, but it can be quite lucrative to sell things in this way. 

Rides for Neighbors and Such
Most people do not like the thought of taking a taxi. Most people do not like to drive themselves to the airport or impose on a friend. You can take people that live in your neighborhood, to the airport, doctors, or wherever else they need to go. Be careful though, because there’s a fine line between doing someone a favor, and they slip you some cash, versus having a taxi service, which is certainly a big production where you have to have permits and licenses galore, plus commercial insurance on the vehicle which is extremely expensive!

Travel Coordinator
Basically you find a travel agency or tour operator that will allow you to travel for free with a group that you personally organize. Many people have taken awesome trips to far away and exotic destinations, for free, simply by arranging the trip for several others. Do your homework and find out how to go about it. Please send me a postcard when you get there! 

Vending Machine Business
Many of our fellow Americans have put change into vending machines, many times in our lives. Owning and operating vending machines is like having a bunch of silent salesmen out there, just making money for you. This is, of course, a business where you need a bit of money to get started because you have to buy some machines and the inventory to start with, but it can be a very lucrative business, and it could put you on easy street when you get it built up!

Cooking or Catering
Do you like to cook or are you very good in the kitchen? If so, you can make money from home by offering nice home cooked meals to other families in your neighborhood, for a price, and be sure to charge enough for all of the materials, supplies, your time, and to make a profit! You may not be able to cook in your kitchen at home, enough food for a wedding of 300 people, but how about a birthday party of only 20 folks? This can be a nice way to work your own hours and be your own boss. Maybe there’s a busy couple or business person in your area that will pay you to cook them several meals per week that they will pick up at your door or you can deliver them.

Santa for Hire
Although the real Santa Claus, who happens to be old friends with Father Time, is much too busy the rest of the year, some people are able to get a gig, if they have the right look, and maybe a costume of their own. You can have loads of fun with this seasonal opportunity, and there’s room for Mrs. Claus, and also some elves, so spread the word!

Sandwich or Lunch Delivery
This is similar to the catering from home idea, except that there are many people that work at a job where they cannot leave for lunch, or they don’t really have enough time to go somewhere and get some lunch. In the beginning you will have to use a little salesmanship to find some office buildings or other places of business where they will say that it is okay for you to stop by at a certain time each day and offer your homemade, pre-made sandwiches, or even hot meals. In the beginning, if you are willing to give some samples to these folks to taste, then they will get hooked on your cooking. You can also have a cooler in your trunk that is filled with cans of soda, bottles of water, and lots of ice. Then there are those variety packages of little bags of chips. You can offer a sandwich, bag of chips, and a soda for maybe $6 or $7 depending on where you live. Or you can go the healthier route and offer good, home-cooked, healthy meals with a bottle of water and a fresh piece of fruit. People may pay ten bucks for that! 

Candy & Baked Goods
If you have been complimented numerous times about your fantastic cheesecake or your key lime pie, then maybe you can start baking and selling your edible works of art. You can have fun and make money and everyone loves fresh baked cookies, muffins, and so forth! Word of mouth advertising will kick in, and the word will spread about your baked goods, you will be the talk of the town!

Furniture Repair
Many people have nice furniture, and when something unfortunate happens to it, they don’t know what to do, so they hire someone to come and fix it! You would, of course, need to have some skills to do this, or learn and develop the skills. People are able to learn just about anything, and if you are handy, you may be able to teach yourself furniture repair!

Get Your Own Website Already Loaded With Quality Merchandise
One of the most popular Home Based Businesses these days is for people to have their own website! There are many companies out there that offer a great wholesale buying opportunity, with no minimum ordering requirements, and they will also drop ship the products for you, directly to your customers! This means that you advertise the products, whatever they may be, and when someone orders the items and pays you for them, you then turn around and buy them for your discounted price, from your wholesale supplier, who will then ship them to your customer, but with your name on the package!
You can even get a pre-loaded website that is already set up, and it contains thousands of items that are already listed with photos and product descriptions. Usually a wholesaler will work in conjunction with a company that hosts the website. We recommend this awesome company called MyShopKart! They are a really great company to work with! Click Here To Learn About MyShopKart!

Clothing Alterations
If you are super good at sewing and particularly with a quality sewing machine, then you can make money by offering clothing alterations. People often buy garments that need to be altered, and with some advertising and word-of-mouth, you can get lots of clients over time.

Budget/Bookkeeping Services
Many small businesses, or even large households, will be willing to pay someone to do them a service of bookkeeping. If you have good math skills, and perhaps a forte for financial budgeting, investing, et cetera, you can have a nice livelihood as a personal financial bookkeeper, and you can have many clients, which can really add up. (Pun intended!)

Singing Telegrams, Dancers, et cetera
Another fantastic way to make a living is to offer a costumed singing telegram, or even a dancer (wink-wink), to perform for birthdays, bachelor or bachelorette celebrations. You can really make some cash here, but be careful because there is a fine line involving the law.

Self Publishing
If you have a knack for writing, or have some interesting ideas to write about, you can write and self-publish a book, magazine, newsletter, or whatever else interests you. If you can write about a subject that people will be willing to pay for, you’ll be on your way. You can even write and sell e-Books, such as this one, and sell them for huge profits. You can also write reports and other informative pieces and then sell them online. There is actually no limit to the possibilities of writing and self-publishing things online.

There are also many e-Books that you can purchase, which come with “resale rights” meaning that YOU can re-sell those works to whomever you wish. Then there are “master resale rights” meaning that not only can you re-sell those works, but the people who buy them from you can also re-sell them as much as they want. You and they can even change or modify the content and add your own additional content, advertisements, et cetera.

Article Marketing Writing, Blog Writing, Write Website Content
There are many people who have websites of their own, and they are discovering that in order to attract customers to their website, they have to do something to promote the site. Article marketing involves the posting of articles on websites, such as where other people will see the article, perhaps read it, and maybe they will click on the link and visit the website mentioned in the article. People who are unable to write their own articles or who are too busy will be willing to pay you to write the articles for them. After other people see those posted articles, and perhaps like them enough, coupled with the fact that they know they need to add content to their own website, will re-post the article on their own website, thus giving more exposure to the person who posted the article in the first place.

Children’s Birthday Parties
Get out the greasepaint and the magic tricks from your youth. You can have loads of fun and earn big money by being a clown or magician at kid’s birthday parties. Or you can simply make a living by being a birthday party organizer. Some folks are too busy to make all of the arrangements for a party and will be willing to pay you to do it. Making the preparations for a spectacular children’s party is not a difficult task, but some people are just too busy to do this. You can arrange the entertainment, the refreshments, and the invitations, and earn money while doing so. 

Basically, this is where someone who has a nice place hires you to live in their home and take care of it while they are away on vacation or an extended business trip. You may have to water plants, feed pets, and keep an eye on things. It can be fun because you can experience various lifestyles at different types of homes and locations. You can possibly be able to line up one job after another, and then you will be able to go from one job to the next and not have to pay rent for your own place. There are some people who take this type of business extremely seriously, and treat it like a professional business, and they always stay at amazing houses in expensive areas such as Beverly Hills, California.


Well, there you have it... twenty-two more great ways to make money, working from the privacy of your own home, with your own self-employment enterprise. Instead of wasting countless hours playing video games and watching nonsensical television programs, you can start earning extra cash from home, and you can eventually develop it into a full-time income. When you decide to try something like this, be forewarned that at least a few people you know, who are negative and pessimistic by nature, will try to tell you that you can't do it! Just ignore them, and maybe even distance yourself from them, because I am telling you that you can do it!

Just remember this... "The person who says it cannot be done should not interrupt the person who is doing it!"

Good Luck & Many Blessings!

Copyright 2018 by Jennifer Juniper 


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