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Twenty Ideas To Make Money Online!
Twenty One Ideas To Make Money - Not Online
Twenty Two More Ideas To Make Money

Twenty One Ideas To Make Money - Not Online

Here are Twenty One Great Ideas to Make Money - and not online!

These days, it is easier than ever before to earn extra cash from home, or even to develop a huge, full-time income from home. Gone are the days when people absolutely had to go to an office or a place of employment to earn a living! There are over 16 million adult Americans who are self-employed and many of us are making money from home with our own, home-based, one-person enterprise. If we can do it, so can you. You just have to make up your mind to do something, and start doing it right away. Stop procrastinating, stop being a cry baby, and take control of your life. Believe in yourself, and believe that you can do it, because you really can do it! As my colleague and friend Father Time always says; "You can do anything that you make up your mind to do!" If anyone you know says that you can't do it, shame on them for trying to interject negative thinking into your life, and shame on you if you listen to them!

Window Washer
Many businesses do not have the tools or man power to wash their own outside windows. So, you can actually get a squeegee with an extension pole as well as some cloths, buckets, soaps, et cetera. Then you can begin a wonderful one-person business of washing windows for small businesses. You will have to use a bit of salesmanship in the beginning to gather some customers, and hopefully after you start washing a few windows and doing a good job, then you can get some referrals and word-of-mouth advertising! It will be worth the effort and it would be much better than digging ditches. Some people will pay you in cash, each time you clean, and others may want you to invoice them monthly and they will mail you a check. You can actually set your own terms.

Car Washing, Waxing, and Detailing
Another fun and profitable business that can be done just about anywhere and with very little start up money, is washing and waxing cars for people. You will usually get paid in cash and you might receive tips as well. You can make up some fliers or place a few local classifieds to get some customers. You can even go to people’s homes and wash the car right in their driveway. 

Hauling, Moving, Trips to the Dump
Do you have a truck or a van and some strength or energy? Then you can earn money by taking people’s large, cumbersome discards to the local dump. You can also earn money by helping people move small amounts of furniture and belongings, from one place of residence to another.

There are women who become single, for one reason or another, and decide to stay single, but they might sometimes need a job done that is too much for them physically, so they would be willing to hire a man to do the job for them. If you are handy, and perhaps have some tools, you can make a nice living by doing odd jobs; changing locks, fixing windows, repairing broken doors, tightening leaky faucets, et cetera.

Odd Jobs
Doing odd jobs, which is similar to the above listing, can be a nice way for someone who is energetic and handy with tools. You will eventually get some word-of-mouth advertising and referrals from your satisfied customers. This word-of-mouth advertising is the very best advertising of all, and it is usually FREE! If you do a great job for someone, in any type of service business, you will usually end up with more referrals than you can handle after a while.

Laundry and Ironing Services
If you are a stay-at-home Mom, or perhaps you have other reasons to stay at home, this can be a way to earn money, as there are many people who do not want to do their own laundry and they are willing to pay someone else to do it for them. The same goes for ironing, and if you are able to do minor sewing and repair garments, then you can have a great home based business, doing these tasks for others. You can even, if you are able, to drop off and pick up their dry cleaning as well. 

Music Teacher
If you are well versed in music, whether as a singer or playing an instrument or two, you can possibly begin giving lessons and teach others that have a desire to learn. You can have them come to your home, or perhaps you can go to their home. You can set your own hours and work when you want to, by appointment only, and with enough regular students, this can be a nice, steady, weekly income! It can also be an all cash business!

There are many businesses in your area that are not big enough to hire a telemarketing department or to outsource the job to an existing telemarketing firm. They would, however, be willing to pay someone to do telemarketing from home, to get leads for them, or whatever it is that they’re looking for. Realtors, mortgage brokers, and insurance salespeople are just a few of the self-employed or independent business people that might be willing to hire you to work for them via the phones. You can contact some of these offices and inquire if they would be willing to hire you to help them in lead generation. 

Direct Sales
There are many awesome companies in America that rely on independent representatives to sell their products. Companies such as Tupperware, Avon, and Fuller Brush, all three of which are fabulous, can offer you the opportunity to make as much money as you want! The opportunity, of course, requires lots of work and determination, but then again, so does any successful business enterprise! I know of a really great pain relief cream that most people have never heard of, and You Can Make Money with it!
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Backyard Mechanic
If you know a lot about cars and trucks, and have the skills, or can easily develop them, then you may be able to earn money part time or full time as a mechanic relying on word of mouth advertising. If you have the tools or can get them, you may be in business. Be careful though, because there are sometimes zoning laws, and you wouldn’t want to get into any trouble.

Carpet Cleaning

Another service business where you can simply invest your time to do a job that other people may not be willing to do, but they will be willing to pay you, is to do carpet cleaning for hire. You can even rent the equipment to do the work until you can afford to buy your own equipment. 

Coaches, Umpires, Trainers, et cetera
If you love sports and have athletic abilities, you can probably find dozens of ways to earn some money. Whether you become a person’s personal trainer, get a gig as an umpire or coach, or teach people how to play golf or become a fishing tour guide, there are tons of ways to have fun and make money in the great outdoors. 

Interior Decorating
Many people out there are not creative enough to decorate their home or office and they know this, so they will be willing to hire and pay someone to do it for them. If you have a flair for style and decorating, then you might be able to have fun and make money with this type of business. 

Gift Baskets
Now please don’t go out there and buy a bunch of supplies, but you can start a service whereby you will make gift baskets for people and even deliver them to the local recipients. If they are giving it to a person out of town or out of state, then after you make up the gift basket, you can bubble wrap it, put it in a huge box surrounded by those Styrofoam peanuts, and then take it to UPS or FedEx and send it off. You can actually stroll through some stores that you like, write a list of things and their prices, and then you can make up a menu of all the various gift baskets that you are willing to make. There is no limit to how many you can offer. They can have candy, food, and edible items, but you can also make baskets with toys, electronics for a teenager, a baby shower basket, a get well basket, and there’s no limit to what items you can include on the lists. One basket can have bed and bath items, another can have adult toys, and yet another can have all figurine type things. Go do your homework, do some advertising, and get started.

Balloon Bouquet
Just as people call a florist to have flowers delivered, you can offer a local balloon delivery service. This can be lots of fun and it doesn’t take much to get started. You can even have the balloons delivered by a clown, a super hero, a stripper, a cowboy, and so forth. 

Baby Sitting
For hundreds of years people have been hiring others to watch the kids, and this is actually a great way to earn extra cash, or even a lot of cash. You must be careful though, because in this day and age, there are too many lawsuit-happy people out there. Plus, in some communities you might need a license (technically) and if you watch too many kids they may consider you to be a “day care center” which has requirements.

Hot Dog or Ice Cream Vendor
People have always loved hot dogs, and they have always loved ice cream, and they are always happy to buy it from a cart. So, with a bit of money to buy a cart or some sort of thing to sell it from, with the proper permits of course, you can have fun feeding people. In South Florida, and probably in many other places, there are nice looking girls in skimpy bikinis selling these things and they do extremely well, as many of the
Neanderthal guys will pull over even if they are not hungry, just to buy a hot dog and stare at the girl for a few minutes.

Wake-Up Service
This has been recommended for people who need to stay home and work from home for whatever their reasons. You can simply make up some sort of advertising, or perhaps I can write you some ads, and then you hold yourself out to the public as a “wake up” service. You will call your clients every single day, or on the days that they specify, and wake them up so that they won’t be late for work.
Some folks just cannot wake up to an alarm clock, so they are willing to pay a measly dollar a day, ($30 a month) to have someone call them and wake them up. Imagine if you had 50 clients? Do the math…and it can be a cash business, just as many of these can be!

Errand Service
Whether people are rich or not, there are always a few things that they do not want to do, or cannot do. You may be able to make a nice income from doing some of these chores for people. You can do their grocery shopping, stand in line for them at the bank, mail their packages, go pay their bills in person for them, and pick up their dry cleaning. You can place a small classified ad in a little free newspaper, or make up some fliers. You can also get some word of mouth advertising for this business as well.

Street Entertainer
If you are able to do magic, sing, dance, or play an instrument, then you might be able to make money as a street entertainer. You just need a busy street corner or a place to do this where you won’t be breaking any laws. You will probably need a permit or license, but it probably won’t cost very much. You can even find a restaurant or a shopping mall where they may give you permission to do this. You can tell them that your “free” entertainment will draw in some customers to their mall, and you will be happy to work for “tips!” Then people can drop money in your hat or bucket. It’s a cash business!

Home or House Cleaning
This can really take off for you because many people hate to clean and will gladly pay you to come over and clean for them. It is also, usually a cash business! The most important thing is to be honest, reliable, and dependable and to do a good job with the cleaning. You will be able to get referrals from your clients as they will have friends and neighbors who may want to hire you as well, if you do a great job. You can also charge according to the complexity of the job. People may even pay you to do their laundry, cook meals, and so forth.


Well, there you have it... twenty one great ways to make money (and not online), working from the privacy of your own home. Instead of wasting countless hours playing video games and watching nonsensical television programs, you can start earning extra cash from home, and you can eventually develop it into a full-time income. When you decide to try something like this, be forewarned that at least a few people you know, who are negative and pessimistic by nature, will try to tell you that you can't do it! Just ignore them, and maybe even distance yourself from them, because I am telling you that you can do it! Walt Disney once said, "If you can dream it, you can do it!" An ancient Chinese proverb reminds us, "The person who says it cannot be done should not interrupt the person who is doing it!"

Good Luck & Many Blessings!

Copyright 2018 by Jennifer Juniper 


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