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Sales Training Part 1
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Sales Training Part 3
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Sales Training Part 3

As far as other selling is concerned, you can do whatever you want with it...the only limits to your income are those put upon you by yourself. How hard are you willing to work? How much do you want to earn? Then get out there and do it!
The Wholesale Pepper Spray Opportunity I offer is fantastic and there will be more on that later!
Here are more great suggestions for self-help books that are awesome; How To Win Friends And Influence People by Dale Carnegie, Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, and The Richest Man In Babylon by George Clason. These are three wonderful books and they can help you immensely!
The bottom line is that YOU can do whatever you make up your mind to do! You really turn off that miserable TV that robs so many people of their precious time, and be more productive! Get busy and get working towards a goal!
Cut out some photos, from a magazine, and post them on the bathroom mirror and in the kitchen...a car you would like to own one day, a boat, a beautiful photo of an exotic vacation destination that you want to visit someday...these are there daily, to remind you why you are going to get out there each day and WORK!
In the last part, we talked about buying and selling merchandise...YOU can get things at wholesale, and then turn around and sell them for a CASH profit, right there in your town! Even if you don't have a company, and you won't be buying in large quantities, there are wholesalers, such as myself, who will be happy to sell to you in smaller quantities, and you can still make CASH, if you want!
Selling is a profession just like any other, and you can find some people who are average at it, and some people suck at it, and then there are those who are the SuperStars! If you are going to sell, then you might as well strive for perfection and to be very, very good at it!
When dealing with people, no matter who they are, and no matter who you are, and no matter what you're selling...remember that people are people! They all get hungry, thirsty, and tired, they all have happy days and sad days, and they all basically want to be liked, admired, and to have people think they're clever, cool, cute, and comical.
Treat someone you just met, as though they are your friend, and they soon become your friend! In fact, strangers are nothing more than friends you haven't met yet! When selling to someone, ask questions to get to know them, and it will help you later, to make the sale, but in the process of the conversation, you are actually making a friend. There are plenty of people who become "friends" with their insurance agent, car salesman, stock broker, et cetera!
When you work somewhere selling beds, furniture, fine jewelry, boats, carpeting, or some other big ticket sure to get a prospect's name, address, and phone number, then the next day...mail them a "thank you" card for coming into your store or place of business! Put it in an envelope with a stamp and drop it into the mailbox. People will really be impressed with you, if you do this! I know because I have done it a thousand times, and I have had more words of praise over it! Also, good follow-up, as I mentioned in an earlier portion, is extremely important...unless you want to be one of the salespeople who sucks.
Now, let's take this a step further...If you make a sale...get the dates of the birthdays of the people and their anniversary as well. Put it into a book with the addresses and phone numbers! When Marge & Joe have their anniversary...and they unexpectedly get a nice, anniversary card in the mail, from will be amazed! Now, who do you think they will come see when they need another new car, or piece of jewelry?
These practices are also good for developing "word-of-mouth" advertising...which is the very best that there is! I am giving you folks GOLD here!
When you are selling to people, you will meet all types, and some "get it" quickly, sign the sheet, pay you the money, and they are out the door...beautiful! But some people take some time to understand, and you have to have patience with not act annoyed if they ask what you consider to be a silly question! Certainly do not say anything that might make them feel insulted!
When you are selling, some people may feel that you are overly-anxious to earn a commission and this might make them skeptical. I have sometimes thrown my arms up in the air, and taken a step backwards and said in a friendly voice, "You know folks, makes no difference to me whether you do this or not, but you seem like awesome people, and I would love to see you benefit from this!" Then they suddenly feel as though you care about them and not the commission. Who knows? Maybe you are not even getting a the thought that might go through their mind, putting them at ease!
When trying to sell an MLM product to your family or friends, and you are just starting might say something like, "Come on John, please buy a couple of these and try them, and help me out! I really believe in this company, and I want to make a serious GO of it, and I need a few people close to me to help me get started! I am not trying to recruit you, I just need some retail customers!"
Also, when you are selling something like that, and someone you sell to wants their money back, don't bother to return the item to the company...use it as a sample, or let people you know try it, or maybe you can even sell it to someone else, or give it to them as a gift! Let's say you sold a big bottle of 180 vitamins to a lady you know, and she says after a few days that she can't take them, because of her sensitive stomach, rather than throw away or bothering to return the remaining 177 tablets, you can break them down into little baggies of a one week supply to let friends try them!
Get yourself up and ready and out there every day, whether it is a sales job, or your own business! Always make it a goal to talk to X amount of people that day! Do not let yourself down, and be careful not to spend hours, days, and weeks wasting time doing "busy work" that will not help you make sales!
I once had this friend, who would get into a different Multi-Level deal, EVERY month. Then he would spend hours and hours and hours trying to re-invent the wheel by writing a phone script to call everyone he ever knew and even some strangers. He would design these awesome fliers and mailings and even get copies made, and collate them, fold them and stuff the envelopes...this would go on for weeks! The sad thing is...he never made one single phone call, never mailed one single letter, never told anyone about the deal, never sold one single item, never gave out one single brochure or catalog, and then he would end up quitting and moving onto the next deal!
When you have a sales job, you can sometimes make extra money by peddling something on the side, that does not conflict. For years I have carried a bag of small, light-weight, self-defense pepper sprays with me, everywhere I go! These are something that everyone needs and wants, but they are not sold on every street corner! This creates an opportunity for those of us with some balls! That's right! If that word is too much for your sensitive ears, you probably cannot handle sales.
Anyway, these self-defense pepper sprays are legal in all of the United States, but MA, MI, NY, and WI have very specific rules as to how and where you may purchase one...but if you are in one of the continental United States, other than those four...we can provide YOU with Some Pepper Sprays at Wholesale for YOU to resell at a CASH profit!
When you are selling anything at all, you have to realize that when someone says "no" they are not rejecting you, or saying they don't like you, or believe just might be that they cannot afford it, right now! They might be worth asking again at a later time. For those who make it clear that they are not interested now or in the future, then that is fine too! It is better for people to be honest with you!
I always "say what I mean," and "mean what I say," and I think everyone should do the same! If someone is selling something and the other person is not the least bit interested, then they should somehow get up the courage to say so! Communication is so important in this life, and what is really sad is that the kids of today are NOT learning how to communicate well, in fact, their whole generation will be in trouble one day! But that is a whole other topic!
Now, when it comes to selling to strangers, don't be afraid that they will punch you for asking them if they want to buy this or that, the worst thing that can happen is that they will say no, or if they are polite and do as their parents taught them, long ago, they will say "No, Thank You."
Selling can be a very fun and rewarding way to earn a living, and you also get to help people, especially when you sell something useful, or something that people really need and want! So, get out there and make some money and have some fun with it!
Here's the CANNOT quit, get discouraged, stop working at it, or give up! You have to just keep pressing forward no matter what! Good things take time! In the beginning there would only be a sale once a month! Literally...once a month, but now it is a whole different story! You have to crawl before you can walk, and walk before you can run...right?

Well, that about wraps it up. Hope you enjoyed my Sales Training Parts 1, 2, and 3. Feel free to come back and re-read them often, and also please tell a few friends about them. And so long as you're on my website, if you're within the USA, why not place an order and buy something? Please help a girl out! 
In closing I want you to always remember that, "The person who says it cannot be done should not interrupt the person who is doing it."
Thanks and Many Blessings!
Copyright 2018 by Jennifer Juniper 

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