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Sales Training Part 1
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Sales Training Part 1

Here are some great tips and tidbits of advice from a young lady who has been selling for many years, and who has learned from some of the best salespeople out there!
Since the beginning of time, people have been buying and selling goods and services. It's true. And even in today's world, everything is bought and sold, even information, and sometimes private information. Why do you think things like Facebook exist? They don't really care about helping you get in touch with your best friend from the fifth grade...they want YOUR information, and millions of people willingly give it to them...daily! But that is a whole othersubject, and it is not what these pieces are about.
Everything in your home has been sold by someone and bought by someone. And it was not just you buying it or someone buying it for you...there were salespeople who sold the items to the storekeepers or merchants, where it was sold to you or someone you know. Those people who sold the items to the retailers, were wholesalers, and they bought the items, which were sold to them by the salespeople working for the manufacturer. The manufacturer bought materials and supplies, tools and equipment, from other salespeople! Yikes, it seems like this salesmanship thing applies to everything!
If you are one of the millions of college kids out there, who are wasting your time while barely passing your classes, and you have the balls to sell...go get a job right away and make selling your career! Stop wasting your time, unless you are a straight-A student and you are learning medicine, science or law!
Basically, everything is bought and sold, and YOU even sell things on a regular basis, even though most people, with a lack of guts, gumption. or confidence, will quickly tell you in that whiny voice that makes you want to slap them, "I Can't Sell, I am NOT a salesman." as though it is a bad thing to be a salesman! Salespeople are the most important people in the world!
I am not referring to used car salespeople and timeshare salespeople, and by the way, a good salesperson does NOT have to lie or scam people...a good salesperson will educate their customer, build a rapport with them, earn their trust, and convince them to buy something that they need!
However, for all those wimpy people who whine that they can't sell...when YOU eat at a great restaurant and then enthusiastically tell others about it...that's SELLING! When YOU see a great movie and then tell a few friends about how great it was...that's SELLING! Then those people go eat at the restaurant or see the movie...that's Word-Of-Mouth Advertising, and it is the most powerful form of advertising on the planet!
It is not just the people who sell goods or services that are selling...entertainers, newscasters, musicians, poets, and artists are also salespeople! Unfortunately, politicians (ugh) are salespeople too! So are preachers and especially the ones on television! By the way, in case you have not figured it out yet, the only reason television exists, is to bombard YOU with salesmanship, a.k.a. A-D-V-E-R-T-I-S-I-N-G!
By the way, when people have a website, they need to promote it, and a great way to do that is with blog writing and article marketing! Various articles about different subjects, can be written and posted on your blog, and these just might attract visitors who can click on a link in the blog posting and be taken to your website. If you have a website, but cannot do the writing that is needed to "sell" your website and attract visitors to it, then maybe You Need To Hire A Ghost Writer! Then that person can write for YOU, and then you can post the articles on your own blog.
Every "no" gets you closer to a "yes," which means that when you are selling (whatever it is that you sell, or plan to sell) there are people who will buy it, and there are people who won't buy it...and you will likely have more who say no, than those who say yes.
One of the most important lessons to learn in selling is that when you are looking for those who will buy... "Some will, some won't, so what?...Next!"
By the way, politeness is very important in matter what you are selling! In fact, no matter what you are selling, people will usually buy from you, if they like you. If you are not polite, or you are rude, or even a jerk to people, then they are probably not going to buy from you. That is a good early lesson...use good manners, and not just in selling, why not consider using good manners always?
When you are selling, you also want to use good hygiene and grooming, and you want to try to look your best, after never have a second chance to make a first impression! Unless you are selling bottles of sunscreen on a pool deck of a big resort or while strolling on the beach, you probably should not wear a tee-shirt, flip flops, and gym shorts or a bathing suit, when you are selling.
They always say, and I quite agree, that you cannot sell something that you don't believe in. It really makes sense. If you have a friend or relative who has a sales job, and they are making money by selling something that YOU could never see yourself selling, because you think it is wrong, or unethical, and then one day they tell you there is an opening and they can get you a job...skip it!
When you are selling something, you have to gain the trust of your prospect, and part of that "earning of trust" is by having a conversation with them, as a human being, and looking them in the eye! If you had a job at some sort of outdoor booth, and because of the sunshine you are wearing sunglasses, that's fine, but when you get talking with a prospect...take off the glasses so that they can see your eyes. People usually do not trust someone else, especially a stranger, when they cannot look into your eyes.
People will usually buy from you if they like you, and these days there are more and more people getting into multi-level and direct selling, for a much larger company that allows people to become a work-from-home entrepreneur, and that is fine! The main thing is to NOT give up, and to persevere, and be positive, and keep pressing forward!
However, maybe you are selling vitamins, as an example, and you may have a friend or co-worker who is willing to buy the vitamins and try them, and maybe they will fall in love with them and continue to take them, as a customer, for as long as you are involved in the enterprise...but some people make the mistake of trying to force the friend into becoming a "dealer" and they do not want to go that far! Be happy to have a retail will need many of those as well.
Now, whether you have a job as a salesman, or you are an independent rep, such as an insurance or real estate person, or even if you have a home-based business, or are involved in must take it seriously and treat it like a real business! If you don't take it seriously, then other people won't either!
I once had a neighbor...a nice guy, but he was lazy, he was a slob, he dressed sloppy, his car had garbage and roaches everywhere, his condo smelled like a gym locker room, he would get his papers all creased, wrinkled, and smudged with food, and he tried many various things to make money. He once got an insurance license, another time a mortgage broker's license, and a few and there...but...he sucked because he was as disorganized as the day is long! I do not have to tell you that this fellow made no money...nor could he ever get a date! What woman would want to date a guy with 87 empty fountain drink cups scattered around the back seat of his smelly, old car? Some of them had a few ounces or a few drops of liquid still in them...ugh!
If you want to be successful as a sales professional, dress the part! Wear a dress shirt and a necktie and some decent pants and shoes, with socks, and a belt, if you're a man, and for the ladies...dress appropriately and you know what that means.
When someone calls or e-mails you, reply and do it as soon as you can! A few years ago, I had a friend who moved two hundred miles away for a temporary job assignment. When she was ready to return two months later, she needed to find an apartment, went online, and sent e-mails to four different people; two were realtors who had a few apartments listed for rent, and two were apartment complexes (that were trying) to rent lots of apartments. Gues how many responded? ONE! The other three idiots...yes, that's right...idiots, should get a job collecting quarters at a toll booth because they will not make it if they don't return phone calls or e-mails!
Follow-up is also a very important thing...if you are selling from catalogs (as in something like Avon or Fuller Brush, which CAN be done full time like a "real job") you need to stop haphazardly handing out catalogs because they will cost you money! Instead, give people a catalog, look them in the eye, and say something like, "I really hope you will look through this during the next few days. I have to get it back in a few days, because they cost me money, so when I get it back, say, Friday?...Maybe you will please have an order for me?" Now, you will be sure to get it back and can then loan it to someone else, and maybe this person will buy something from you!
Now for those with a sales job, who call upon a customer or prospect; always make an appointment when you can return. If you pitch them and they say they need a few days to think about your advertising, insurance, long distance service, et cetera, then ask them when you can stop by again. However, you may want to clarify that they really are interested, because some people will tell you "a few days" just to get rid of you, then over the phone they may say no thanks.
I understand that some people won't buy, but I make them tell me "no thanks" in person! Why make it easy for them to hide behind the phone?

That's all for now! Remember that, "The person who says it cannot be done, should NOT interrupt the person who is doing it."
Copyright 2018 by Jennifer Juniper 

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