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When YOU need or want to earn more money, and you don't want to work more hours at your job, or get a second or third job, you can easily start making more money from home, but you will either have to offer a service or sell a product. You can offer the service or sell the product to people in your area, or you can do it online to people just about everywhere. If you do not have a service to offer, then perhaps you will need to find a product that you can sell. If you want to sell a product to people in your area, it would be wise to sell something that is small, lightweight, and thus, easy to carry around with you. It would also be wise to sell something that you can quickly show to people, and they will want to buy it on impulse. A product that is not sold at every corner store is also a great idea. 

I have been earning extra cash for many years by peddling non-lethal, self-defense Pepper Sprays. These pepper sprays are legal in all fifty states, but they are not sold at every corner store, so most people do not already have one. They are small, lightweight, and it's easy to carry a few with you, wherever you go. People also buy these on impulse. There are four states that have very specific laws and rules as to where a person can purchase these; Massachussetts, Michigan, New York, and Wisconsin, so if you live in one of these states, this will not be an opportunity for you. But if you're in one of the other United States, this is something that you should consider. 

Now if this idea is up your alley, as they say, you will simply need a source where you can buy these non-lethal, self-defense Pepper Sprays at wholesale, but in smaller quantities. While there are many wholesale companies that will only sell to other businesses, and in large quantities with a minimum order requirement, there are other suppliers that will sell in smaller quantities, and to just about anyone. If you are an adult, living within the USA, other than MA, MI, NY, and WI, then you can consider me to be your cousin in the wholesale business! Here on my website, I offer a few packages of really great, Made-in-the-USA, top quality, individually packaged, non-lethal, self-defense, Pepper Sprays!

Here is a listing to get you a package of three dozen key chain pepper sprays!

Here is a package of six dozen key chain pepper sprays, saving you more money! 

Here is a package of a dozen tri-packs, which are another great seller!

Another great aspect of this business is that these days crime seems to be on the rise just about everywhere, and most people are sick and tired of hearing news stories about people getting attacked. It's a great idea to carry some sort of self-defense item, just in case, and not everyone wants to carry a firearm. The pepper sprays do not cause any long term harm or damage. When sprayed into an assailant's eyes and face, the pepper causes the eyes to shut, and they will feel a burning sensation. They will also begin coughing, and they usually stop in their tracks, as they attempt to rub their eyes. They won't be able to see what they were doing, and they might even drop whatever implement they had in their hands. This gives the would be victim a chance to escape to safety. The effects of the spray only last for about ten to fifteen minutes.

Most pepper sprays contain a 10% solution of Oleo Resin Capiscum as do the Tri-Packs offered by the dozen, above in that link. My Wildfire Key Chain Pepper Sprays contain 18% Oleo Resin Capsicum and are much hotter than ordinary pepper sprays, which is another selling point when you are showing them to prospects who are about to buy them on impulse! It is exciting to have someone hand you a twenty dollar bill to purchase something that you bought at wholesale for five bucks!

If decide to try something like this to earn extra cash, or even a lot of cash, then you are very likely to have a few people who you know that will tell you that you can't do it, or that it won't work. You really should ignore these negative people, as well as their skepticism. There are way too many negative people out there, who simply exist. They go through life compaining about everything, they blame the world for their problems, and they waste loads of time watching useless television and playing silly video games on their computers or cellphones. Just because these people are not going anywhere in life, doesn't mean that you have to do the same. Remember the ancient Chinese proverb; The person who says it cannot be done should not interrupt the person who is doing it! 

I always tell people that "You can do anything that you make up your mind to do!" which is a quote from my friend and colleague Father Time. The bottom line is that if you really want to earn extra cash, or even develop a way to make a living from home, you will either have to offer a service or sell a product, and you can either do it face-to-face with people in your town, or online to people just about anywhere! If this Pepper Spray idea is not for you, then please see the many other money making ideas I have posted here on this website!

Good Luck & Many Blessings!


Copyright 2018 by Jennifer Juniper

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